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Our environmental impact

We try our best to reduce our environmental impact and to be as sustainable as possible:

  • First and foremost, we strive to re-use NMR equipment wherever possible. Either in form of complete, used systems or in form of spare parts to help keeping existing systems up and running.

  • To this effect, we are always collecting used NMR equipment (any vendor, any age, offer anything!) - please let us know before getting rid of anything!

  • We are happy to send you spare parts for testing (possibly eliminating unnecessary customer visits) if you are comfortable replacing it yourself

  • We try to avoid unnecessary traveling by offering help via remote login (Teamviewer, Anydesk, VNC...)

  • We are driving fully electric cars (Tesla), thus reducing emissions and helping the transition to a cleaner transportation. These are preferentially charged by solar roof and green energy sources.

  • Our warehouse is running on green electricity only and winter heating is provided by burning scrap wood from the winter garden manufacturer we are renting our warehouse space ()

  • We fully recycle old NMR equipment (consoles, magnets) down to separating metals (stainless, aluminium), bringing them to a nearby metal recycling centre

  • We don't keep a permanent office, all of us are fully home-based.